Sumo and Teachable

This article goes over integrating Sumo with your Teachable school.


Sumo is a tool for growing your website’s traffic and getting more subscribers by:

  • Helping you build your email lists
  • Showing you where your website visitors are clicking
  • Helping you increase social shares
  • Tracking your Teachable school growth
  • And more

Sumo has both free and paid plans. The free plan comes with all of the tools you’ll need for your Teachable school. 

Integrating Sumo With Your Teachable School

To integrate Sumo with your Teachable school, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Teachable school. Select Settings towards the bottom of the admin sidebar.
  2. Click Integrations from the submenu.
  3. Find the Sumo icon in the list of integrations and click the gray button to enable Sumo. 
  4. Click Save in the upper right corner. 

Afterwards, there are two ways to integrate Sumo with your Teachable school:automatically linking your school to Sumo or manually adding your school to Sumo.

Automatically Linking Your School to Sumo

  1. Preview your school's Sales Page as a logged out user, or using a different/incognito browser. 
  2. Move your cursor over the top right corner of your sales page until you see a small blue and white icon appear, and click it. 
  3. Select the Sign Up button and log in to your Sumo account that you created earlier. 
  4. In the modal that appears, create a Sumo account. We recommend using the same email address that you use for your Teachable school.
  5. Afterwords, you can choose which Sumo tools you want to use for your Teachable school by clicking the tab on your sales page once again.

Manually Adding Your School to Sumo

  1. Head over to the Sumo website and click the Sign Up button in the upper right corner. sumome_signup.png
  2. Fill in your Teachable school URL, your email address, and a password. Click Sign Up
  3. In the following screen, copy your Sumo ID number. Note that this is not the whole script that is provided to you, but a specific numerical value—as highlighted below:sumome_siteID.png
  4. Go back to the Integrations page of your Teachable school.
  5. Replace the Sumo Site ID with the one you just copied.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Afterwords, you can choose which Sumo tools you want to use for your Teachable school by clicking the tab on your sales page.
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