This article provides an overview of the tools available in the Courses section of your school admin. For a complete walkthrough on building your courses, please visit this article

School owners can create courses and access tools for managing existing courses in the Course Index area of the school admin.


To create a new course, click on the New Course button (alternatively, select a course from your admin sidebar to access tools for managing courses that you've already created). Read more about deleting a course in your school’s admin.

From the course index page, you can filter through your courses by the following criteria:

  • Published status
  • Number of enrolled students
  • Gross sales
  • Search by author


School owners can click into any specific course to access the following tools in the course admin sidebar:


  • Information - Add and modify course details, including the name of the course, SEO, branding, and default pages. Publish, unpublish, duplicate, or delete your course.
  • Pages - Edit and manage course pages—includes the sales page, checkout page, and thank you page.
  • Curriculum - Add new sections and lectures, or edit existing lectures.
  • Design Templates - Select the design layout for your course overview page
  • Pricing - Create and set a new pricing plan or edit an existing one.
  • Order Bumps - Add an offer for an add-on product from the checkout page.
  • Comments - View and manage comments on your lectures.
  • Coupons - Generate multi-use or single-use coupons for a course.
  • Students - Jump to the Users section of your school admin area to see students enrolled in the course.
  • Bundle Contents - Group multiple courses into a bundle that students can purchase all at once.
  • Reports - Review course reports on lecture completion, video engagement, quiz scores, and student performance.
  • Certificates (Professional plan and up) - Create certificates of completion and manage active/inactive certificates.

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