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The Courses area is where school owners go to create a new course and access tools to manage existing courses.

admin_courses.pngClick New Course or select an existing course to access the following tools:

  • Preview: Take a look at your course as either a visitor or an enrolled student.
  • Information: Add or assign a new author and improve search-engine-friendliness. Additionally, brand your course with a custom logo, promo video, and hero background. This is also where you can delete a course.
  • Sales Page: Edit all aspects of the course’s sales page or reset it and build a new one.
  • Curriculum: Add new sections and lectures, or edit existing lectures.
  • Pricing: Select a new pricing plan or edit an existing one.
  • Drip: Set a time schedule for the release of course content and view a summary of content released.
  • Comments: View comments on your lectures.
  • Coupons: Generate multi-use or single-use coupons for a course.
  • Students: Jump to the Users area to see students enrolled in the course.
  • Bundle Contents: Group multiple courses into a bundle students can buy all at once at a slight discount.
  • Thank You Page: Manage your default thank-you page.
  • Reports: Review course reports on lecture completion, video engagement, quiz scores, and student performance.

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