This article outlines the tools available in the Site section of the school admin area.

NOTE: Please be aware that as of June 9, 2021, schools will no longer include blogs. Existing schools with blogs will retain their blogs and comments, but schools that have not enabled blogs will lose the ability to use them. If you’d like to use blogs and have not enabled them on Teachable, consider using an alternative source such as Squarespace.

In the Site section of the school admin area, school owners can modify site design, manage custom domains, add new authors, and more.


Inside the Site section, school owners can access the following tools:

  • Theme: Add a custom logo, favicon, and thumbnail image. Pick fonts and color schemes.
  • Domains: Set up a custom domain, custom subdomain, or change your Teachable subdomain.
  • Navigation: Select your homepage, add custom links to your site’s header & footer, and create categories to group courses by topic.
  • Bios: Manage your school's Author Bios.
  • Pages: Create new school and product pages or edit existing pages.
  • Custom Text: Customize text for menu links, buttons, in-app messages, and more.
  • Code Snippets: Add custom CSS across all pages on your site or insert code snippets.
  • Power Editor (available on Business plans): Customize your school's templates and add custom code, including HTML/Liquid and CSS.

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