This article goes over the tools available in the Settings section of your school admin.

In the Settings section of the school admin, school owners can manage their school’s settings.admin_settings.png

Inside Settings, school owners can access the following tools:

  • General - Edit basic details about your school, including your school name, email, and address. Modify settings for lectures, authors, affiliates, comments, school status, Teachable Accounts, etc.
  • Payments - Configure payment gateways for accepting and processing payments for course purchases.
  • Taxes - Edit your school's tax settings and enter your school's tax ID (if applicable).
  • Notifications - Adjust your email notifications settings.
  • Plan - Change your Teachable plan.
  • Billing - Update your billing information and view your billing history.
  • Integrations - Set up third-party integrations.
  • Webhooks - Access advanced integration options with third-party applications.
  • Roles (Business plan and up) - Create, modify, and add custom user roles.

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