Student Progress Reports

This article goes over how to access and understand individual student progress reports, which are available on the Professional plan and higher. Student progress reports include details about which lectures and quizzes a student has completed, as well as which videos they have viewed.


Select a course you’d like to view from the admin sidebar or by selecting View All to see all courses. Inside the course, click Students.

Upon clicking Students, you'll be redirected to a new page of all students enrolled in the course. (You can also see all students in your entire school by going to the Users tab on your admin sidebar.)

To see a student’s reports, select their user profile from the list. Once inside the student area, click Progress Reports from the submenu.

If a student is enrolled in multiple courses, choose which course to view data from in the Select a Course drop-down menu.

After selecting a course, you will see the student’s graded quiz scores (if applicable) and which lectures they’ve completed so far inside a table, along with a Wistia video heatmap.

Lecture Progress

Under each lecture title, you can view the lecture completion status. If a student has not completed a lecture by clicking on the Complete and continue button in the upper right-hand area of the lecture page, then it will be marked as Incomplete. If the student has completed the lecture, then it will be marked as Complete.admin-student-progress-report-incomplete-complete-lectures.png

If the student is unable to complete a lecture because it's locked, you can manually complete the lecture for them by using the Complete Lecture option. Go to Users > Students > Individual Student > Progress Reports and then click the ellipse ... next to the course they need to complete and choose Complete Lecture.   


You can reset lecture progress by clicking on the ellipses icon next to the lecture and selecting Reset Lecture Progress from the drop-down menu. Then, click Reset to confirm.

When a student’s lecture progress is reset, all video progress and quiz scores are reset, so that the student can, essentially, retake the lecture (or course).

CAUTION: Resetting lecture progress is a permanent action and cannot be undone.


TIP: To see an overview of a student's overall progress in the course, click the Enrollments tab for that user.

Video Heatmap

In the Video Heatmap section, you’ll see heatmaps—generated by our video host, Wistia—that indicate which parts of a video have been watched (in green), rewatched (in yellow), rewatched multiple times (in orange), or skipped (in white).

A new heatmap will be created for each video watching session, so a single lecture can have multiple heatmaps.

NOTE: Wistia heatmaps only report on videos that have been uploaded directly to Teachable using the file uploader. Any videos that have been embedded using an embed code and a code block will not be included in the Video Heatmap report, since they are not hosted by Wistia on Teachable.

Quiz Scores

In the Quiz Scores section, you’ll find more information about your student’s quiz score—only graded quiz results display in this section. If the student has not yet completed the quiz by answering every question and marking the lecture as complete, then this section will be blank.

To view how the student answered each question in the graded quiz, click on the graded quiz result. A pop-up modal will appear that shows the student’s quiz answers. The option that the student selected for each question will be in green.

When a student doesn't achieve a passing grade and runs out of quiz retakes, you have the option of resetting the quiz score so the student can retake the quiz. You can reset quiz scores by clicking on the ellipses icon next to the quiz and selecting Reset Quiz from the drop-down menu. Then, click Reset to confirm.

CAUTION: Resetting quiz scores are permanent actions and cannot be undone.


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