Course Thank You Page (Page Editor 1.0)

This article goes over how to edit the thank you page of a course.

NOTE: If you are using the page editor 2.0 to edit your thank you page, your experience will differ from the one detailed in this article.


After a student purchases your course via the checkout page, they’ll be automatically redirected to the thank you page.

TIP: If you would like for your students to be redirected to a page other than the thank you page post-purchase, edit your Default Pages from the course Information tab. 

Each course has one thank you page which can be customized using page blocks or custom code.thank-you-page-example.gif

To edit the thank you page of your course, navigate to the Pages section of your course admin and click the Edit icon next to your thank you page to open the page editor.

To save your updates and make them live on the thank you page, click Save. To remove all of your customizations and revert the page back to its default settings, click Reset. To see view your sales page as a visitor, click Preview.admin-course-pages-thank-you-reset-preview-save-buttons.png

TIP: You can set a different post-purchase page in the Information > Default Pages section of your course admin. For example, instead of directing students to the thank you page after purchasing a course through the checkout page, you can direct them to the course curriculum page. Learn more about changing the default post-purchase page in Create and Set Up Your Course.

Page Blocks on the Thank You Page

The thank you page can be customized using pre-made “building blocks” called page blocks. To add a new block, hover your cursor between existing blocks until the Insert new block button appears. Click the Insert new block button and select a block. The block will then be inserted in between the existing blocks.adminc-course-pages-thank-you-insert-new-block.gif

Once you’ve added blocks to your page, you can rearrange them by clicking and dragging individual blocks above or below existing blocks:admin-course-pages-thank-you-rearrange-blocks.gif

To delete a block, click the red trash icon on the right-hand side of a block. A notification box will appear. Click OK to confirm.admin-course-pages-thank-you-delete-block.gif

The following page blocks are available on the thank you page:

  • Rich Text
  • Liquid/HTML
  • Background Image
  • Video Embed
  • Course Hero Header
  • Course Description
  • Author Bio
  • Course Curriculum
  • Bundled Courses
  • FAQ
  • Course Page Closing Letter
  • Primary Enroll Button
  • Secondary Enroll Button
  • Embedded Form
  • Testimonial
  • Featured Courses

Refer to Page Blocks to learn more about each type of page block.

In addition to these blocks, there are 3 blocks available only on the thank you page: the Purchase Confirmation block, Proceed to Course block, and Upsell Offer block.

Purchase Confirmation Block

The Purchase Confirmation block displays to students after they purchase a course. You can use the text box to convey a message to your new student:purchase-confirmation-block.png

Proceed to Course Block 

The Proceed to Course block allows you to customize where students are redirected after they purchase your course. By default, the button will redirect your student to the course. However, this can be changed by toggling Customize redirect URL. Once toggled, enter the URL you would like the button to lead to in the text field. Then, use the Button Text field box to change the message that appears within the button:


Upsell Offer Block

After a student purchases a course, an Upsell Offer allows you to advertise any other courses you may have in your school. Additionally, students will be able to purchase additional courses straight from the thank you page.

CAUTION: Pricing plans tied to upsells cannot be deleted. To delete the pricing plan, either delete or select a new pricing plan for the upsell.

To create an upsell offer, either add an Upsell Offer block to your thank you page, or convert an existing Proceed to Course block into an Upsell Offer.

To add an Upsell Offer block to your thank you page:

  1. Scroll down to the Suggested Blocks section, and click Upsell Offer to create the upsell offer block.
  2. Using the Course dropdown menu, select the course you want to advertise.
  3. Using the Pricing Plan dropdown menu, select the pricing plan you want to advertise.
  4. If you’d like to apply a coupon, you can do so by choosing the desired coupon in the Coupon dropdown menu. If you do not have a coupon created yet, you will need to do so from that course's Coupons page. 
  5. Toggling Customize Accept Offer Button allows you to change the button text.
  6. Toggling the Customize Decline Offer Button allows you to change the button text.
  7. Click Save.


To convert a proceed to course block to an upsell offer, click Convert to Upsell Offer.

Thank You Page Settings

At the bottom of the page editor, you can modify the following settings for each school page:

  • Blank Template - When toggled on, all school template code is removed from the page.
  • Show Navigation Bar - When toggled on, the navigation bar will appear on the page:
  • Colored Navigation Bar - When toggled on, a colored navigation bar will display on the page, instead of a transparent navigation bar. The color of the navigation bar is determined by the palette set in Site > Theme.
  • Show Footer - When toggled on, the standard school footer will display on the page:
  • Add Custom <head> Code - Insert custom code snippets in the <head> section of the thank you page. For instance, you can add code for a tracking pixel.



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