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This article shows you how to set a different homepage and modify both the navigation bar and footer menus.

Select a Default Homepage

Your homepage is the first page that visitors see when navigating to your school URL. You can edit the default page to be your school homepage, a specific course sales page, a custom page, or your course directory.

  1. Log in to your Teachable school.
  2. Click Site.
  3. Select Navigation.
  4. In the Homepage Settings section, use the dropdown menu to change the default homepage for Logged Out and Logged In users.

    You can select from the following options:

    • Default Teachable Homepage - The default Teachable homepage template. Here’s an example:school-homepage.png
    • Course Directory Page - The page that displays all of the products in your school. Here’s an example:course-directory-page.png
    • A Custom Page - A page added to your school (e.g. Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, or custom page). Here’s an example:custom-page.png
    • A Course Sales Page - The sales page of a specific course. Here’s an example:salespage2.0.png
  5. Click Save.

Preview Your School

In the top right corner, you can Preview your homepage settings as a logged in or logged out user. When clicking on this action, you will be directed to the homepage set for each of these user types and will view the school as though you were a prospective or existing user. 


TIP: While logged in to your admin-level account, you will have access to settings and actions your students will not. To test the full student experience of your school, use an incognito browser or separate device and create a separate student account. 

Add Links to the Navigation Bar or Footer of Your School

You can customize the links that appear in the navigation bar or footer of your school. The navigation bar appears in the top right section of your school, while the footer appears at the bottom of your school.


To add a new link, click the Add Link button in the Navigation Bar or Footer section.


A popup modal will appear. Fill out the form and click Add Link when done.


  • Text - The title of the link as it appears in the navigation bar.
  • Link Destination - the Teachable Page within your school or external url link.
  • Open a New Tab - When Yes is selected, the link will open in a new browser tab. When no is selected, the link will open within the current tab.
  • Visible To - The users (logged out, logged in, or all) to whom the link will appear.

Modify Navigation Bar and Footer Links

To edit a link in the navigation bar or footer, click on the external editor icon next to the link.


To delete a link in the navigation bar or footer, click on the red trash icon next to the link. Click OK to confirm.


To reorder links in the navigation bar or footer, drag links above or below one another.


NOTE: The Sign Up and Login URLs cannot be edited and do not have an external editor icon. By default, these navigation bar links are only visible to logged out users. If you would like to entirely remove them from your navigation bar, click the toggle under the Visible column. 

Course Categories

Courses can be categorized within the Information > Details section of your course product. If you have added categories to your courses, they'll appear in this section at the bottom of your Site > Navigation page.

You can change the name and description of your categories as they will display in your schools All Products page. You'll also be able to toggle whether the category is visible, preview what the category looks like in the course catalog, save any edits you've made, and/or delete the category.


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