View and Manage Student Purchases

This article reviews how to view and manage your student purchases.


When a student makes a purchase in your school, the transaction will be listed in their user profile.

As a school owner, you can:

  • View student purchase history
  • Refund transactions
  • End active subscriptions/payment plans
  • Apply coupons to active student subscriptions

View purchase history

To view an individual student’s purchase history:

  1. Navigate to your Users tab, then click into a specific student’s profile.
  2. Click the Purchases tab of their user profile.
  3. Scroll to the Purchases History section of the page to view a list of purchases in your school.

The screen shows the admin of a sample Teachable school. From the left side navigation menu, the USERS tab is selected, then the PURCHASES tab of a specific user is selelected from the submenu. On the main page, there is an arrow pointing to the PURCHASE HISTORY section at the bottom of the page.

Each purchase listing includes the following information:

  • Date - The date and time the purchase was made, listed in your local time zone.
  • Sale price - The price of the purchase (does not include taxes, if applicable).
  • Earnings - The total amount of earnings in USD paid out to the primary owner after fees, commissions, and revenue shares are deducted.
  • Product - The name of the course, coaching product, or bundle that was purchased.
  • Gateway - The payment gateway that the purchase was processed by.
  • Coupon - The coupon code applied to the purchase, if applicable.
  • Affiliate - The name of the affiliate who earned commission for the purchase, if applicable.

NOTE: To view a more in-depth breakdown of an individual transaction, including a summary of purchase details and a payment breakdown, click into the specific purchase to see more. Learn more about viewing individual transaction details.

Refund a transaction

You can refund any purchases within 30 days of the transaction. To learn more about refunding student purchases, check out the Student Refunds article.

End active subscriptions 

You can view a student’s active subscriptions and/or payment plan purchases by doing the following:

  1. Navigate to your Users tab, then click into a specific student’s profile.
  2. Click the Purchases tab of their user profile.
  3. Scroll to the Active Subscriptions section of the page.


As the school owner, you can cancel the student’s active subscription(s) at any time. When you cancel a student’s active subscription, you have the option to just end the subscription, or to end the subscription and unenroll them at the same time.

To end an active subscription:

  1. Navigate to the Active Subscriptions section of the user’s Purchases tab.
  2. Click the More Options icon next to the active subscription/pricing plan you’d like to end.
  3. Click Delete Subscription.
  4. In the popup window, select if you would like to also unenroll the student from the product they purchased.
    1. Clicking Yes will unenroll the student from the product and end their payments.
    2. Clicking No, just end their payments will only end the student payments—they will still retain access to the purchased product.

The gif shows the PURCHASES tab of a user profile. The user clicks the MORE OPTIONS (three dots) next to the active subscription, then clicks DELETE SUBSCRIPTION. In the popup window, they click YES, and the subscription is cancelled.

NOTE: Students can end their active subscriptions at any time from their own profile settings. (They can only cancel payment plans if they purchased with a credit/debit card and you disable the Prevent payment plan cancellations setting from your Settings > Roles page. Students who purchase payment plans with PayPal may still be able to cancel directly through PayPal.) If a student ends their active subscription or payment plan, it will be removed from the Active Subscriptions page at the end of the last active billing cycle.

Apply a coupon to active subscriptions

You can apply a coupon to any student’s active subscription/payment plan. This can be helpful if you’re looking to provide a discount to an already paying customer.

To apply a coupon to an active subscription/payment plan:

  1. Navigate to the Active Subscriptions section of the user’s Purchases tab.
  2. Click the More Options icon next to the active subscription/pricing plan you’d like to apply the coupon to.
  3. Select Apply Coupon.
  4. In the popup window, enter in the following information:
    1. Discount type: A set percentage of the sale price, or a fixed amount.
    2. Amount: If a set percentage coupon, enter in a whole number from 1 to 100. If a fixed amount, enter in any whole number.
    3. Applies to: Select Next payment to apply the discount to the next upcoming payment. Select All payments to apply the discount to all future payments for the duration of the subscription/payment plan.
  5. Click Apply to confirm.

The screen shows the PURCHASES tab of a user profile. IN the top ACTIVE SUBSCRIPTIONS section, the MORE OPTIONS button is selected next to one of the subscriptions. Then, the APPLY COUPON button is circled from the drop down menu.

It’s important to note that you cannot apply an already created coupon to an individual’s active subscription—coupons that are applied in the above manner are new coupons. Additionally, a subscription can only have one active coupon at a time. If you try to add a coupon to a subscription that already has an active coupon, you will receive an error message and be unable to add a new coupon.

NOTE: Coupons that are applied to active subscriptions are single-use coupons, and therefore not visible from your Site > Coupons page or the Coupons tab of the specific product.

Students will automatically see the discount applied in the next receipt they receive for their active subscription/payment plan.

Frequently asked questions

Can I pause a student’s subscription?

You cannot pause a student’s subscription. If you end a student subscription or unenroll them from the course, they can re-start payments by re-purchasing the pricing option.

If you just want to skip a payment, but keep the student enrolled in the course, you can apply a 100% off coupon to their next payment.

Can I increase or decrease the cost of active student subscriptions?

You cannot automatically increase the price of an active student subscription. To do so, you can end their active subscription and have them re-purchase at a new price.

If you want to decrease the cost of a student’s subscription, you can apply a coupon to all future payments of their active subscription.

How can I manage student enrollments that are not related to a subscription or pricing plan?

To learn more about manually enrolling or unenrolling students from products, check out Enroll/Unenroll a Student from a Course.

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