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This article goes over how Teachable Accounts integrate with your school, and how to enable/disable Teachable Account access for your users in your school.


Enabling Teachable Accounts on your school means that any user with a Teachable Account will be able to access your school—and any other school they are part of—from the Teachable Accounts dashboard.


For schools created on or after March 16, 2021, Teachable Accounts are disabled by default. You can find the Teachable Accounts toggle from your school's Settings > General > Website > Login & sign-up settings menu. Read more about managing your school settings


Please note that Teachable Accounts is required if you would like to make your courses available on the Teachable iOS app.

Teachable Accounts - Owner Accounts

With Teachable Accounts, school owners can do the following:

  • Access the admin area(s) for their existing school(s) by clicking on the school from their My Schools dashboard
  • Access any Teachable Accounts-enabled schools owned by others on which they are a student, author, or affiliate
  • Create new schools
  • Manage their Teachable Account settings like name, email address, profile picture (managed through Gravatar), and password
    TIP: In order for Gravatar images to appear on Teachable, your image must have a G-rating.
  • Access the Help Center to resolve issues and submit support tickets to Customer Support

All other administrative details, like managing students, Teachable plans, billing, user payments, invoicing, report generation, and so on, are handled in your individual school admin area—not from your Teachable Accounts dashboard.

To delete your Teachable Account, please contact Customer Support.

Teachable Accounts - Student Accounts

With Teachable Accounts, students can do the following:

  • Link multiple student accounts from different Teachable schools under a single Teachable Account (if the school as Teachable Accounts enabled)
  • Access to enrolled products by clicking into the specific school from their Teachable Account dashboard rather than logging into each school individually
  • Manage their Teachable Account settings like name, email address, billing details, profile picture (managed through Gravatar), and password

Students can log in to Teachable Accounts through Teachable, or directly through a school's unique login button.

After clicking Log In through a school with Teachable Accounts enabled, students will see the option to either login with a student account using their email and password or through their Teachable Account by clicking the Login with Teachable button:


Those without a Teachable Account can opt to either continue logging in through each school directly, or by creating a Teachable Account through the Get Started button on Teachable's homepage.

After creating a Teachable Account, students can authorize linking their individual student account(s) in a specific Teachable school with their Teachable Account. Learn more about connecting existing user accounts to a Teachable Account.

You can see school users who have Teachable Accounts set up by going to the Users area and looking for the Teachable logo by their image:


NOTE: If you are a student and do not see your school listed in the Teachable Accounts dashboard, or do not have the option to Login with Teachable, it is possible that the school owner has disabled Teachable Accounts. If that is the case, you can login to the school directly from the school homepage.

For information on how students can edit their profile or login details, please see our Knowledge Base article here

For login troubleshooting tips, please see our Knowledge Base article here

Enable/Disable Teachable Accounts

School owners can enable or disable Teachable Accounts for their school at any time. This option is available in the Settings > General > Website > Login & sign-up settings menu.disable_teachable_accounts.jpg

If you choose to disable Teachable Accounts after you have already launched your school, we recommend you treat this option with caution, as it is likely to create confusion for your students who have been accessing the school with their Teachable Accounts. Keep the following potential issues in mind:

  • Your school will no longer show up in a student’s Teachable Account dashboard.
  • Your school will no longer be available on the Teachable iOS app.
  • Students who have Teachable Accounts will receive automated emails notifying them of this change. Additionally, they will receive an email to create a password within your school in order to regain access.
  • If a student is in the middle of a purchase on your school when you disable, the purchase may not be completed.

When you click Disable Teachable Accounts, a pop-up window appears asking you to confirm the change. Click Disable to confirm the change, or click Cancel to return to the previous screen.


If you've disabled Teachable Accounts, you can re-enable it at any time by going back to Login & sign-up settings in the General > Settings area. From there, click Enable.

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