Student Guide: Contact a School

This article gives an overview of how students can get support on issues they might experience with schools they are enrolled in. It reviews how to contact a school owner and provides links to additional student support resources.


If you are a school owner looking for support on creating or managing your school, check out the Where to Get Help article. 


Schools hosted on Teachable are each run by a different school owner/creator.

Most questions about course content or purchased products will best be addressed by the school owner. Questions or issues that should be directed to the school owner include:

  • Refund requests — learn more about requesting a refund
  • Questions about the content of the purchased product
  • Requests to be enrolled/unenrolled into courses or coaching products
  • Questions about course or product access and availability

Other questions or issues about the platform itself can be resolved through the Teachable Knowledge Base or support. To learn more about issues that can be resolved through the Teachable Knowledge Base or support, check out the Troubleshooting & additional resources section below.

Contacting your school owner

Contact form

If you are able to log in to your school account, we recommend that you contact the school owner via the contact form.

To use the contact form:

  1. Log in to your school account.
  2. On the top-right corner of your navigation bar, click your profile image. This will open a dropdown menu.
  3. Click Contact.The screen shows a course directory of a sample Teachable school. In the top right corner of the screen, the user's profile icon image is circled. Then, from the dropdown menu, the CONTACT button is circled.
  4. Fill out the subject and message fields with details about your inquiry.
  5. Click Send.The screen shows the CONTACT FORM page of the user's account settings. There is a field for CONTACT and a field for MESSAGE, with a SEND button beneath the fields.

Once you click Send, the message will be sent to the school owner’s email. If your school owner replies to your message, it will be sent directly to your email address; from there, you can continue the conversation as needed.


If you are unable to log in to your school account, or if you are experiencing any issues with the contact form, you can contact the school owner directly via email.

To find your school owner’s email address:

  1. Check your email for your account confirmation email (typically titled “Confirm Your Account”) or your receipt email (typically titled “You are now enrolled in PRODUCT NAME”).
  2. Copy the “Reply to” email address. This is the school owner’s email address. (Note: This is not the same as the “From” email address).The screen shows a user's Gmail account with a sample Teachable account confirmation email open. The REPLY-TO email is circled.

Once you have the school owner’s email address, you can email them directly to resolve your question or issue.

Troubleshooting & additional resources

I’m having issues logging into the school.

The following Knowledge Base articles should be referenced for support with logging in and troubleshooting login issues:

Student Guide: Logging In

I want to cancel my subscription or make billing updates to my account.

For guidance on how to update your subscription or billing information, use the following Knowledge Base article:

Edit Student Billing Information

I am experiencing issues purchasing a product or using the checkout page.

The following Knowledge Base articles review how to use the checkout page and provides troubleshooting for common issues experienced with checkout:

Purchase a Product

Payment Issues

I need to update my name, email address, password, profile image, or notification preferences.

For information on how to update your profile settings, review the following Knowledge Base article:

Edit Your User Profile

I need help with navigating through my course and/or marking my course progress.

You can use the following Knowledge Base article for guidance on how to navigate through your course:

Navigate and View Course Content

My issue is not listed and/or I am experiencing issues with contacting the school owner.

If your issue is not listed in this article, we recommend contacting your school owner directly for further assistance.

If you are unable to contact your school owner (due to issues with logging in and/or issues with receiving your email confirmation), you can contact Teachable Support by completing this form

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