Course Compliance


This article goes over how to enable Course Compliance, which allows you to set requirements for completing lesson content (e.g. lessons, videos, and graded quizzes) in a course.


On the Professional plan and up, you can set various course compliance settings to require that students complete course content, including lessonsvideos, and quizzes. To enable Course Compliance, navigate to the Information > Course Compliance section of your course admin:course_compliance.jpg

TIP: As a school owner, you can preview your Course Compliance settings by creating a separate student account and enrolling in the course.

Enforce lesson order

When enabled, your students will be required to progress through lessons sequentially—in other words, as they appear in the course curriculum. Students mark their course progress clicking the Complete and continue button in each lesson.

If a student tries to go out of order, then they’ll see this message:


If you add a new lesson to a portion of your course, and a student has already completed that portion, then they’ll be required to complete the new lesson before progressing further.

If a new lesson is added to a course that a student has already completed, then their course completion certificate and/or course completion percentage will not be affected.

Enforce video watching

When enabled, your students will be required to watch at least 90% of a video in a lesson before progressing to the next lesson.

NOTE: If Enforce Video Watching is enabled, then Enforce Lesson Order will also be enabled.


For example, if a student watches the first 20 seconds and the last 50 seconds of a 100-second video, then they won’t be able to continue to the next lesson because they’ve only completed 70% of the video:


Video completion is only compatible with videos uploaded via the file uploader. For example, if you embed a YouTube video and enable Enforce Video Completion, then students will not be required to complete this video.

Enforce quiz completion

When enabled, students are required to fully complete a graded quiz in order to advance to the next lesson.

NOTE: If Enforce Quiz Completion is enabled, then Enforce Lesson Order will also be enabled.

enforce_quiz_completion.gifYou can also modify the following settings:

  • Minimum Quiz Score - The minimum score needed to pass the quiz. If set to 0, then students are only required to complete the quiz, rather than achieving a particular score.
  • Maximum Number of Retake Attempts - The number of times a student can retake a quiz.

If a student fails to achieve a passing grade within the set number of retakes, then they will not be able to proceed to the next lesson until their quiz has been reset.course-compliance-student-failed-quiz.gif

When a student fails a quiz, you’ll receive an email notification. If you reset the quiz, then the student will receive an email notification indicating that their quiz score has been reset.course-compliance-school-owner-reset-quiz-email.png

Reset Course Compliance

You can reset individual student’s Course Compliance in the Progress Reports section of their user profile.

  • Reset Course or Lesson Progress - When a student’s course or lesson progress is reset, all video progress and quiz scores are reset, so that the student can, essentially, retake the lesson or course.
  • Reset Quiz Scores - When a student doesn't achieve a passing grade and runs out of quiz retakes, you have the option of resetting the quiz score so the student can retake the quiz.

CAUTION: Resetting course compliance is a permanent action and cannot be undone.


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