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This article goes over how you can edit your school account profile. It reviews how to edit your name, email address, password, profile image, and email notification settings. All users, including school owners and other admin level users, have a school account that can be edited from the school’s banner when logged in.

For billing or subscription changes, please review our Student Guide: Edit Billing Information.


Every school powered by Teachable is independent and offers students access to products and other content specific to that school. Students can enroll and purchase content from a school using either their existing Teachable Account, or by creating a student account for that school.

When logged in to a school on Teachable, you can make updates and changes to your school account at any time. These changes can include:

  • Full Name - The name that is shown to school owners. It is also the name that will appear on any documentation and certificates from the school owner, if applicable.
  • Email Address - The email used to login to the school.
  • Password - The password used to login to the school.
  • Linked Accounts - The Teachable Account and/or Google Account linked to the school account. Note that this is only available if the school owner has enabled these accounts as a login option in their school.
  • Notifications - The emails received from the school, including notifications of responses to comments, instruction, or promotional emails.

NOTE: Editing your billing and subscription information as a student is in a separate area of your profile. Learn more about editing your billing as a student.

Edit name, email address, or password

To edit your name, email address, or password for your school account:

  1. Log in to the school you're enrolled in.
  2. Click your icon located in the top-right corner of any page.
  3. Click Edit Profile from the dropdown menu.Gif of logged in student clicking the user icon in the top right corner and displaying the dropdown menu options.
  4. Within your profile, click the Edit or Change link next to the item you wish to update. This will bring up a modal where you can input your new information.
  5. Click Save to save your changes.

    Gif of logged in student updating their email and password in the Edit Profile section of their user profile.

    TIP: Passwords must be at least 6 characters in length. You will receive an email confirmation after updating your password.

Please note that edits you make to your name, email, or password in your school account will not affect your Teachable Account. To make changes to your name, email, or password in your Teachable Account:

  1. Log in to your Teachable Account via the Teachable Account login portal.
  2. Click on Settings from the Teachable Account dashboard.
  3. Within the Settings tab, you can update your Name, Email, or Password.
  4. Click Save changes when you are finished.
    Settings view in a sample Teachable Account with arrow pointing to where to update email and password.

Add or edit a profile image

To update your profile image, you will need to create and/or update your profile image through a third-party service, Gravatar. This process is the same for both Teachable Accounts and non-Teachable-Accounts schools.

In order to add a profile image to your Teachable user profile, you must sign up for Gravatar using the same email address associated with your Teachable account. As long as your Gravatar account is with the same email address, your Gravatar image will automatically populate and you will not need to complete any further steps.Gravatar account view to update imagery.

NOTE: In order for Gravatar images to appear on Teachable, your image must have a G-rating in your Gravatar image settings. For more information on this, please see Gravatar’s documentation.

Connect/disconnect linked accounts

For schools that have enabled Teachable Accounts and/or Google Accounts for login, you can connect your student account to these accounts. This allows you to login to multiple schools you are enrolled in from a single account.

Learn more about linking your Teachable Account and/or Google Account.

Edit notification preferences

Notification preferences are managed at the bottom of the Edit Profile page. Using the toggles, you can choose to opt in/out of emails in the following categories::

  • Email me when someone responds to my comments - receive an email notification when another user in a course responds directly to a lecture comment you have made.
  • Email me when someone comments on a discussion I've commented in - receive an email notification when another user in a course comments on a thread you have also commented on
  • Receive instructional and promotional emails from [School Name] - receive emails directly from your school owner and/or course instructor(s). These emails can be instructional or promotional in nature. This setting is initially determined on the product checkout page.

Edit Profile view in school account with a red box around the toggles to update email notification settings.

If you are an owner of a Teachable school, you will have additional owner notification and student notification settings you can adjust in your school admin.

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