Tracking Analytics, Privacy, and Teachable FAQ

This article answers common questions concerning privacy features of different devices and how this might impact your use of third-party tracking on your Teachable school.

What are tracking analytics?

Creators with online businesses might use tracking analytics to help them understand customer behavior—including ad performance, conversion rates, and page visits.

Teachable does not provide a direct analytics feature on our platform; therefore, some of our customers use advanced tracking and analytics through third-party integrations to help run their business. For example, we support third-party integrations with Facebook pixels and Google Analytics, both of which allow users to collect and track customer data.

NOTE: Creators who choose to use advanced tracking and analytics through third-party integrations are fully responsible for complying with data privacy laws, as applicable. For more information about your obligations to protect personal information as a Creator, please refer to Teachable’s Privacy Policy & Data Processing Agreement.

How do third-party privacy features affect tracking analytics integrations on Teachable?

Customers access pages and websites through different devices and platforms. Each device and platform might have different privacy features that can impact the kinds of data that tracking analytics can access on Teachable.

As an example, Apple has released a new privacy update for users on iOS 14. This could mean that if a customer accesses a creator’s website from a device with iOS 14, the creator might not be able to capture that customer’s behavior with third-party analytics.

Who is affected?

Teachable creators who use third-party services and integrations (such as Facebook tracking pixels) to track customer data will likely be impacted by third-party privacy features. This does not impact the student experience.

Will there be updates to Teachable features or integrations?

Teachable is working on updating our platform to better integrate with these new privacy features. As we release updates we will keep customers informed via our changelog.

How can I best track my ads, purchases, and conversions in light of new privacy updates?

The use of third-party services fall outside of Teachable’s scope of support. We cannot guarantee the functionality of third-party services and recommend reaching out directly to each services’s support teams for more specific information on their features.

For more general information on iOS 14 privacy updates and its impact on analytics, we recommend reviewing related documentation from Facebook and Google.

Facebook pixel

Customers using a Facebook pixel might be asked to verify a domain if they are utilizing Facebook's Aggregated Event Measurement tool.

At this time, it is not possible to verify domains (including schools’ unique Teachable subdomains and subdomains which appear on the signup, login, and checkout pages) in the Aggregated Events Measurement tool. This is due to Facebook’s requirement that domains must be verified on the root level.

However, it may be possible to verify a custom domain using Facebook’s tool, and you are welcome to experiment with that setup independently if you own a custom domain. Our Customer Care team cannot currently provide further direction or troubleshooting, as this new technology exists within a third-party application and Teachable has not yet built out functionality to support its use.

Verification in Facebook’s Aggregated Event Measurement is not required to use our native Facebook pixel integration. The native pixel integration should continue working as expected for users of desktop browsers and non-iOS devices.

What if I have additional questions or feedback?

This FAQ hosts all the available information we have on this specific subject. Our Customer Care team does not have additional information, nor are they able to troubleshoot third-party applications such as Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics.

We will update this FAQ with any new information, and recommend checking our changelog for any updates to our integrations.

We still want to hear your feedback on this topic—including specific issues you’re experiencing, workarounds you have been using, or any considerations you would like us to hear. For any feedback you have, please fill out this form. Please note this is a no-reply inbox. We will read and consider all feedback that is sent, but are unable to individually respond to each message.

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