Why is my course closed for enrollment?

A course could be unavailable or closed for enrollment for a few reasons.

If you're having trouble with your course availability or visibility, please check each of the steps and settings below.

Publish Product

If your product is not published, it cannot be purchased and will show as closed for enrollment.

Read more about Publishing Products.

Product Visibility

Your products visibility settings affect the status and availability of enrollment.

Read more about Product Visibility.

School Status

Make sure your school is online so that your courses are searchable and visible on your site.

Read more about School Status.

Pricing Plans

Make sure you have a pricing plan created for your course.

Read more about Pricing Plans.

Add Pricing Options

Make sure you have selected a pricing plan to display in the pricing block of your course sales page.

Read more about adding blocks to your site pages.

Enrollment Caps

If you are using enrollment caps this message will appear once the cap limit has been reached.

Read more about Enrollment Caps.


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