Enroll/Unenroll a Student in a Course

This article reviews how to manually enroll and unenroll students from a course in your Teachable school. 


Students can enroll themselves into a course by completing the checkout process.

However, there are times where a school owner or admin might want to manually enroll students into a course. When a student is manually enrolled in a course, they do not pay for the course or have to complete the enrollment process themselves.

You can manually enroll new or existing students into a specific course. You can also manually unenroll, or remove, a student from a course.

NOTE: You cannot manually enroll individual students into coaching products or bundles via the method outlined below. To manually add users to a coaching product or bundle, you can use the bulk import feature, which is available on the Business plan.

Enroll an existing student into a course

If the user already has an account in your school, you can manually enroll them into a new course by completing the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Users menu of your school.
  2. Click the Students tab.The image shows the screen of a sample Teachable school. From the navigation menu on the left side of the screen, the USERS, then the STUDENTS, tabs are circled.
  3. Select a specific user.
  4. Click the Enrollments tab of that student’s profile.
  5. In the Enroll In Course section, select a course from the dropdown menu.
  6. Click the Enroll button to complete.

The gif shows the ENROLLMENTS tab of an individual student's profile. in the ENROLL IN COURSE section, the user selects a course name from the drop down menu, then clicks the ENROLL button.

If you would like to manually enroll more than one student at a time into a course, you can use user bulk actions. Learn more about using user bulk actions for manual enrollment.

You can also manually enroll other owners, authors, affiliates or custom users into courses by clicking their respective tabs from the Users menu and following steps 3 through 6 above.

NOTE: If you manually enroll an existing student into a new course, they do not receive an email confirmation.

Enroll new students into a course

If a student does not already have an account in your school, you can manually enroll them in a course at the same time that you add them to your school.

To learn more about this process, review the Add Users to Your School article.

Unenroll students from a course

To unenroll a student from a course:

  1. From your school admin, navigate to the Users tab.
  2. Select the user you would like to unenroll.
  3. From their user profile, click the Enrollments tab.
  4. From the Enrollments section of the page, click the More Actions icon next to the course you want to unenroll the user from.
  5. Click Unenroll.
  6. In the popup window, click OK to confirm.

The image shows a students profile's page (selected from the USERS tab of the school). From the left-side navigation menu, the ENROLLMENTS tab is circled. In the ENROLLMENTS section of the main page, the MORE ACTIONS icon is circled (the three dots), and then there is a dropdown menu where the UNENROLL button is circled.

If you would like to manually unenroll more than one student at a time from a course, you can use user bulk actions. Learn more about using user bulk actions for manual unenrollment.

NOTE: The process above is only for courses. Learn more about unenrollment from coaching products or unenrollment from bundles in our articles on those topics.

Frequently asked questions

Does unenrolling a student from a course automatically end their active subscription or payment plan?

Yes. If you unenroll a student from a course, it will end their active subscription/payment plans. This means they will not be charged again once they are unenrolled.

Can I end or pause a student’s subscription/payment plan without having to unenroll them from the course?

You can end a student’s subscription/payment plan without having to unenroll them from the course. This is done from the Purchases tab of the student’s profile — learn more about ending student subscriptions.

You cannot pause a student’s subscription. If you end a student subscription or unenroll them from the course, the only way they can re-start payments is by re-purchasing the pricing option.

If a student is unenrolled from a course, but later re-enrolls, will they have to restart their course progress from the beginning?

No—if a student re-enrolls in a course after being unenrolled, they will be able to pick up their course progress from where they left off.

If you would like to reset a student’s course progress, you can do so from the Progress Reports tab of the individual student’s profile. Alternatively, if you delete a student, their progress will be deleted as well.

Can students unenroll themselves from a course?

Generally, students cannot unenroll themselves from a course.

However, if a student enrolled via a subscription, they can cancel their subscription at any time. If they do so, they will automatically be unenrolled at the end of that billing cycle. Alternatively, if a student’s payment fails for a subscription or payment plan, they will be automatically unenrolled if they do not update their billing information within the given billing timeframe.

If a student wants to unenroll from a course for any other reason not related to payments, they should contact the school owner.

How can I entirely remove the student from my school?

You can delete the student and all their enrollments from the Information tab of their user profile. Please note that this action is permanent and all data related to the student will be lost.

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