This article goes over the tools available in the Emails section of the school admin area.


The Emails section of the school admin is accessible to schools on the Basic plan and up.

The admin view of a sample Teachable school, with the EMAILS tab selected from the side admin menu.

From the Emails tab, you can send emails to users in your school, view the history of emails sent from your school, edit the templates of automated emails, and set notification preferences for emails sent to your students.

Additional resources

  • Email Users - Learn how to send emails to your students, and view email history for both custom and automated emails sent from your school.
  • Email Notifications - Learn how to turn on/off email notifications for automated emails sent to school admin and students.
  • Email Opt-in/Opt-out - Learn how users can opt-in or opt-out of school emails and identify which emails are affected by student opt-in status.
  • Email Template Editor - Learn how to use the email template editor to customize and adjust the emails that are sent to your students
  • Email Service Providers and Teachable - Learn how to integrate your school with a third-party email marketing service or platform.

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