Student Information

This article goes over accessing your student's user profile.


To access student information, navigate to the Users section in the admin sidebar. Then, select Students and click on a user from the list to open their user profile information. 

Alternatively, you can find specific student information for a given course by going to that particular course and clicking Students from the submenu. This will take you to a list of users enrolled in that particular course.

users enrolled in course

Similarly, select a student from the list in order to see their information.

Student Information

Inside Information you can find the following:

  • Profile - View the name, email, and delivery address of the student. Note that the delivery address will only appear if the student saved their billing information on the checkout page at the time of their purchase. If not saved to the user profile, delivery addresses should still be available in your transactions CSV report

    From this section, you can also change their password (non-myTeachbale users) and add notes (internal use only).
  • Stats - View student usage information (number of logins, join date, last login date), roles (student, affiliate, author, etc.), current and last sign-in IP addresses, and gross revenue. If you use links with signup sources attached, you'll also see that here.
  • Privileges - View student privileges and make them an admin/owner for the entire school. (Note: this action will give them full control of all information inside your school.)
  • Delete - Permanently delete user and all their enrollments. To delete an owner, you will first need to remove their owner privileges
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