Create and Manage Bundles


This article explains how to group and sell courses and/or coaching products as a bundle.

NOTE: On the Free plan, there is a limit of one published bundle at a time. Upgrade your plan to have access to unlimited published bundled products. 


A bundle groups multiple courses, coaching, and/or digital downloads products together into one unit that can be sold together at a single price.

When a user purchases a bundle, they are automatically enrolled in all of the courses and/or coaching products included in the bundle, as well as have immediate access to download digital download products.

Bundles provide an opportunity to group together similar products for purchase. Some creators offer product bundles at a price that is cheaper than the sum of the individual products as a way to encourage sales.

You can add up to 200 products in a single bundle.

Create a bundle

To create a new bundle, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Bundles tab on the left admin panel of your school. Then, select Create a New Bundle. In the Name field, enter in the name of the bundle and then click Next.
  2. Use the drop down menus to choose which course(s) and/or coaching products(s) you would like to include in the bundle (up to 200 products). Once you add a course or coaching product, it will be listed as a thumbnail underneath. You can remove a course or coaching service from the bundle by clicking the “X” icon next to that thumbnail.
  3. Select a pricing option for your bundle. You can price the bundle as Free, a One-Time Purchase, a Subscription, or a Payment Plan. Click Next once you complete the pricing details.
  4. A popup modal will appear confirming that your new bundle product has been created and added to your Bundles tab. Click Continue.
  5. This will bring you to the Information tab for your bundle product. You can return to this tab at any time to make changes to your product.


Please note that you cannot add a parent course of course bundled content to a product bundle.

Manage and edit bundle details


From the bundle Information tab, you can edit the Name, Description, and Thumbnail of the bundle.

The bundle Thumbnail is an image that represents the bundle across your school. The recommended size of the thumbnail image is 1024x576 px, with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The thumbnail image and the bundle Description will display in your course directory or when the bundle is included in a Featured Products block.


Publishing and visibility

When you are ready to publish your bundle, click the Publish button in the top right corner of the Information page. Publishing a bundle allows new students to enroll in or purchase the bundle. You can unpublish at any time.

Additionally, you can set the bundle visibility status to visible or hidden by toggling on/off the Product Visibility tab. Only visible bundles are viewable in your product directory to students (i.e., the “All Products” page). If product visibility is hidden, students can only enroll or purchase if you provide them with a direct link.


Learn more about product publishing and visibility.


Each product bundle has its own sales page, checkout page, and thank you page. You can view and edit these pages from the bundle Pages tab.

NOTE: Checkout pages cannot be edited or customized. They will automatically populate with the bundle thumbnail image and pricing information.

To edit a page, click the Edit Page icon. To view a page in a new tab, click the View icon.pages_-_edit_and_vieww.png


Bundle pricing options can be edited at any time from the Pricing tab. For more information on product pricing options, you can review this Knowledge Base article.


From the Content tab, you can add or edit the courses and coaching products included in the bundle.

You can choose Courses, Coaching, and/or Digital Downloads from the dropdown menus, and then select the products to include from the dropdown menu. Once you add a course, coaching, or digital downloads product, it will be listed as a thumbnail underneath the My Bundle heading. You can remove a course or coaching service from the bundle by clicking the “X” icon next to that thumbnail. Be sure to save any changes you make by clicking the Save button in the top right corner.content_tab_gif.gif

Author revenue shares

For schools with BackOffice enabled, you can split the revenue of bundled products with the authors of the courses or coaching products housed within a bundle. 

To enable revenue sharing:

  1. From the Information tab in the bundle, scroll down to the Authors section.
  2. Toggle the Enable revenue share for product authors toggle on. Authors assigned to the specific products in the bundle will be listed.
  3. Use the Edit button next to each author to set the percentage of revenue to share with each author. 
  4. Click Save.

bundle revenue share.gif

You can change these revenue percentages at any time. Additionally, the revenue share assigned to each author in a bundle only affects the revenue for that bundle. Revenue shares set for each individual product will remain for individual product purchases. 

To turn off revenue share, toggle the Enable revenue share for product authors toggle off. 

Student enrollment and unenrollment

You can view the students enrolled in a bundle at any time from the Students tab. Students will be listed by their name, email address, and date they enrolled in the bundle.students_tab.png

Click the Enrollments icon next to the student name to navigate to their user profile and view their other course enrollments. (This list will not include enrollments in coaching products).enrollments_button.gif

Students cannot be manually enrolled in a bundle from the admin menu—the only way to manually enroll a student into a bundle is via the bulk import feature.

Students can enroll themselves into the bundle by navigating to the bundle from your course directory (the “All Courses” tab), or you can provide them with the direct checkout URL (which can be copied from the Pricing tab).

NOTE: Bundle product enrollment is not available through third-party integrations.

To unenroll a student from a bundle, click the Unenroll button next to the student name. When you unenroll a student from a bundle, they will be removed from all courses and coaching products included in the bundle.unenrolll_student.gif

Delete a bundle

To delete a product bundle, navigate to the Delete section of the bundle Information tab. Then, click Delete Bundle. You will be prompted to confirm the action via a popup box before the deletion is complete. delete_bundle.gif

Deleting a bundle does not delete the individual courses, coaching, or digital download products included in the bundle. If you would like to delete an individual course, delete an individual coaching product, or delete an individual digital downloads product, you must do so on the Information page of those individual products.

When a bundle is deleted, students who enrolled in the bundle will lose access to the individual courses and products that were included in the bundle. If a student purchased a bundle as a recurring subscription or payment plan, those payments will end once the bundle is deleted.

The student experience

From your school directory (the “All Courses” page), students will see any visible bundles listed in a Bundles section. When they click on a particular bundle, they will navigate to the sales page of that bundle, and can then select a pricing option to purchase.


Once a student enrolls in a bundle, the individual products included in the bundle will be listed in their enrolled course view (the “My Courses” tab). my_courses_page.gif

Additional considerations

Keeping individual products available for sale

The courses and coaching products in a bundle can still be available for individual purchase if you keep them published and visible in your course directory. If you do not want the items to be available for individual purchase, you should keep them hidden from your course directory view by toggling off their visibility. However, hidden individual products can still be purchased if you provide users with the direct URL to those sales or checkout pages.

To ensure that individual products cannot be purchased even with a direct URL, you can remove the pricing options on the individual course(s) and/or coaching product(s). This way, users can only gain access to the individual products through purchase of the bundle.

Adding or removing products from a bundle

If users purchase a product bundle—and a new course or coaching product is added to the bundle after the initial purchase—those users will automatically be granted access to the new course or coaching product.

If a user purchases a product bundle—and a course or coaching product is removed from the bundle after initial purchase—those users are unenrolled from the individual course or coaching product. If needed, you can manually re-enroll users into individual courses. Students will need to enroll themselves into an individual coaching product.

Student unenrollment

When unenrolling a student from a bundle, it is recommended that you unenroll them directly from the Students tab of the bundle as outlined above. Otherwise, if you solely unenroll students from the individual courses and coaching products, they will still be listed in the Students tab of the bundle and be given access to any new products added to the bundle.


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