Get Started with Your School

Congratulations! You’ve joined Teachable – it’s time to start building.

Open your School to get started: Teachable Account > Your School

Create Your Products

There are three products you can create:

  1. Courses
  2. Coaching
  3. Digital Downloads

To create a product, visit the product pages on the left-hand navigation menu under Products.

If you’d like to sell a combination of products, you can also create Bundles.

To learn more about Course Lessons, Coaching Sessions, and other product features, visit Create & Set Up Products.

Customize Your Site

Upload a logo, branding, and choose theme settings: Site > Theme

By default, your school will be created with a Teachable Subdomain:

You can choose to keep this domain for free or you can add a domain your own: Site > Domains

This means your Teachable school can be a standalone website or part of an existing website.

To learn more about Configuring Your Domain, Pages, or other site features, visit Customize Your Site.

Set Up Payments

Set up payouts: Settings > Payments

The payment options available for you to use are determined by your geographic location and plan type.


Monthly Payment Gateway

Custom Payment Gateway

Check your eligibility for Teachable:pay here.

If you are not eligible for Teachable:pay, you are able to use Monthly Payment Gateway and receive payouts with PayPal.

On the Professional and Business plans, you can create a Custom Payment Gateway with Stripe or PayPal. This payment gateway is not eligible for Back Office.

Teachable Resources

For all users:

Help Center - You are here!

For Basic, Pro, and Business Plans:

Teachable:U - Beginner courses covering how to get started and start strategizing growth for your business.

Teachable:hq - Become a member of our exclusive creator community where you can network with peers, exchange ideas, and cheer each other on.

Teachable Support - Can’t find what you need? Log in and contact Teachable Support.

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