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This article goes over how to set up the checkout page for your product.


Each product in your school has its own checkout page. You can make changes to your checkout page in the Pages > Checkout Page section of your product admin. From there, you can add testimonials, bullet points, and course guarantees.

NOTE: There are no checkout pages for free courses. To make changes to the checkout page, first, add a pricing plan to your product.

The checkout page contains the following sections:

  • Order Summary - An overview of the purchase. If students enter a coupon code by clicking Add Coupon, the discount will be reflected in the total price. 
  • Contact Information - The area where students enter their email address.If their email address is already associated with a school or Teachable Account, they’ll be prompted to enter their password and login directly on the checkout page. Students can also opt-in to promotional and instructional emails from your school here.
  • Payment Information - The area where students select a payment method (PayPal, credit card, or mobile pay) and enter their payment information. If a student is using an existing account with a saved credit/debit card, their payment information will be auto-filled.
  • Billing Information - The area where users enter in their billing information and Tax ID, if applicable. This section is only applicable for customers paying with a debit or credit card. Users are required to fill out Country, Street Address, City, State/Province/Region, and Postal Code. Required fields vary by country. Billing address is required for compliance purposes. If users are purchasing as a business entity, they can click the Are you a business? Enter your Tax ID (if applicable) link. This will reveal a field for Business name and Tax ID number.

    All users have the option to check off a Delivery address same as billing field. If the delivery address is different from the billing address, customers will be prompted to fill in a delivery address as well. While there might not be any physical products associated with the purchase, this information is required to calculate any taxes, if applicable.

    The billing and delivery addresses will be available for download in your transactions CSV report. They will also be included in the user CSV report if the user saves their payment details to their profile.

    NOTE: For recurring payment options (i.e., a subscription or payment plan), student payment details will automatically be saved to their profile. For one-time purchase options, students can check the "Save my billing info for future purchases" box in the Payment Information section to save their payment details to their profile. Students can edit or manage their saved payment details at any time by following this Knowledge Base guide.

  • Checkout Page Sidebar - The right-hand side of the page where students can view additional information about your course, including testimonials, bullet points, and a course guarantee.
  • Enroll Button - The button students must click to finalize the purchase once all of the required information has been entered on the checkout page. The text that displays on the enroll button will depend on what kind of pricing option the student is purchasing. The enroll button text can be edited with custom text for further customization.
    • "Buy Now" displays for one-time purchases.
    • "Subscribe" displays for paid subscriptions, "Subscribe for free" displays for subscriptions that are free with use of a coupon.
    • "Place order" displays for paid payment plans.
    • "Get it for free" displays for free purchases. 

NOTE: Google or Apple Pay is specific to the device being used. Students can purchase on a computer, tablet, or mobile device.


Once a student completes their purchase, they will be navigated to a post-purchase page where they can fill out their full name and password.


Add Testimonials

When purchasing a course, potential students will often want to know what other students think about your course. You can add up to two testimonials about your course as a way to demonstrate “social proof” and reassure potential students about the quality of your course.


To create a testimonial, add the following information in the Testimonials section:

  • Testimonials Heading - A brief description of your testimonials
  • Upload Photo - A photo of the person giving the testimonial (Recommended size: 120 x 120 px)
  • Name - The name of the individual giving the testimonial
  • Testimonial Description - The body text of the testimonial

Once you are finished, click Save.

Add Bullet Points

You can add up to five bullet points to the checkout page to provide additional information about your course and further highlight the benefits of your course.


To add bullet points, add the following information in the Bullet Points section:

  • Bullet Points Heading - An introduction to the information being emphasized through the bullet points (e.g. Here's what you'll get when you sign up!)
  • Bullet Points - The information about your course you would like to emphasize

Once you are finished, click Save.

Add a Course Guarantee

You can add display a money-back guarantee by choosing one of the default images, uploading your own badge, or selecting the text-only option in the Course Guarantee section.


To display a course guarantee badge on the checkout page, select from the default badge options or upload your own badge by clicking Upload Custom. The recommended size for course guarantee badges is 400x400 px. To delete a previously uploaded course guarantee badge, select None. Alternatively, you can display a text-only course guarantee, by selecting the text editor box. Then, makes your changes to the default text using the text editor.

Once you’re finished, click Save.

Preview and Publish Your Checkout Page

On the right-hand side of the checkout page editor, you can see a live preview of any saved changes to the Testimonials, Bullet Points, and Course Guarantee sections.


To experience the checkout page from the perspective of a student purchasing your course, click Publish and then click View Page. In the pop-up window that appears, click Copy course checkout page URL and follow the instructions.

NOTE: If your course has multiple pricing plans, clicking Copy course checkout page URL will copy the URL for the first pricing plan listed in the Pricing section of your course admin.

Link Directly to Your Checkout Page

To locate the Purchase URL of your course checkout page, navigate to the Pricing section of your course admin. Then, click Copy in the Purchase URL column for the specific pricing plan you want to direct your students to or attribute to your affiliate. This will automatically copy the Purchase URL of your course's checkout page (with the appropriate pricing plan) to your clipboard.

TIP: To rename the URL of your checkout page, you will need to rename the sales page of the associated course.

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